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Line Cook – CTHRC – Working in Canada

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Line Cook – CTHRC – Working in Canada is a site providing useful information and guidance on the LMO process for Canada.  Canadian employers looking at foreign worker recruitment will find the site content to be useful.

For more information and assistance, employers can complete the form on the site (at the right of this window).

Foreign workers will find job listings and working in Canada opportunities on this site.  Visit the Jobs in Canada page to start your search.

Message from Working in Canada –

The videos in this unique career series represent an innovative production process in two important ways:

First, to ensure that the VECTOR videos represented reasonable employment possibilities, CFEE worked with the Industry Sector Councils to identify the most appropriate careers and occupations to profile via the videos. Second, in an exciting new approach to production, Canadian youth from colleges and universities across Canada were engaged to produce the videos. For more FREE and useful resources, visit

Line Cook – CTHRC – Working in Canada

Line Cook - CTHRC - Working in Canada

Line Cook – CTHRC – Working in Canada

Being a line cook is a great way to build a food service career. This position can lead to work as a prep cook, sous-chef and on to executive chef or Food and Beverage Manager or Director. This video clip is part of a series of clips of professionals working on-the-job for a number of occupations in Canadas tourism sector.

Line Cook – CTHRC – Working in Canada

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